Multipurpose Blades

DDM Concut’s Multipurpose blades are engineered to cut concrete, asphalt, brick and block.

• Our premium PDS-Combo Series is engineered with a slanted-segment blade design, recessed segments to provide undercut protection when cutting asphalt and other abrasive materials, and core cooling technology that allows the blade to run either wet or dry.

• The Dual Series, engineered with a U-notch segment for fast, smooth cutting, and the DSG Series can be run wet or dry on high-speed hand-held saws and are manufactured in the USA with laser welded segments for superior performance cutting a wide range of aggregate and stone.

• Bulldog: Our Bulldog Series is designed with alternating turbo and standard segments and a Turbo cooling core for fast cutting of concrete, asphalt, brick, block, concrete pavers, and granite.



Dual Blade

PDS Combo