Diamond Wire

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Part Number: MK-8 Die

Crimping tool with carrying case

Part Number: HT45-E

8mm Die Set Crimper

Part # MK-8

  • DDM Concut offers a variety of sintered and vacuum brazed diamond wire solutions
  • A variety of wire solutions offer superior performance in a wide range of applications from soft, medium, and hard aggregate as well as high-steel reinforced concrete.

DDM-CONCUT offers sintered diamond wire. Sintered wire will generally provide the best life. DDM-CONCUT offers wire that is rubber coated with spring spacers between the beads. Standard bead diameter is 10.5 mm with 40 beads per meter, although different bead sizes and
concentrations are available.

Sintered Wire: 12RS-40-10.S

40 beads per meter

Bead diameter 10.5 mm

Lengths: 50 ft. / 100 ft. / Also available above 100 ft. lengths

Vacuum Brazed Wire: V2ORS-44-10.5

44 beads per meter

Bead diamter 10.5mm

Lengths: 50 ft. / 100. / Also available above 100 ft. lengths

DDM Concut offers a variety of diamond wire products including 40, 43, and 55 beads/meter.