FRESH CUT Early Cut Green Concrete

FRESH CUT Early Entry Blades

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DDM Concut FRESH CUT Early Entry Green Concrete blades are 100% compatible with the SOFF-CUT™ arbor.These blades are designed for cutting concrete during the first two hours after finishing and before the final set. These blades minimize the risk of  random cracking and simplify the work process.

Our well-constructed skid plates can be purchased separately.

Purple – Very hard aggregate, non-abrasive sand
Red – Medium to hard aggregate, medium abrasive sand
Orange – Medium aggregate, medium abrasive sand
Yellow– Medium to Soft aggregate, abrasive sand
Black– Soft aggregate, abrasive sand

Additional information

Early Cut Green Concrete: Standard Blades

5", 5.5", 6", 8", 10", 12", 13.5", 14"


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