Our Services

Professional Products 

DDM CONCUT specializes in designing and manufacturing blades, core bits and segments for the professional cutter. Through the years we have gained an expertise in most any application our Customer will encounter. Whether cutting concrete, stone, or block, our technical sales team and in-house engineers work closely with customers to provide products for specific job site needs. DDM CONCUT has formulated and designed hundreds of bonds and blades for specific applications and can provide a custom tailored solution to meet the requirements of your job. Our USA based manufacturing capabilities allow us to respond quickly to urgent requests, and we stock many of our most popular products for immediate shipment.

Retipping and Repair

Re-tipping or repairing used blades and bits can save money. We will re-tip core bits from 3/8″ to 72″ in diameter. Brazed blades of 40″ in diameter and larger may also be re-tipped. We will repair all DDM CONCUT manufactured blades and core bits to replace lost or damaged segments. We also provide blade re-tensioning.

Equipment Sales and Repair

DDM CONCUT is proud to be the exclusive, national sales and repair provider for Cardi Drills in the USA.